Hades and the Fire Bird: The First Eruption


Picture borrowed from willofjehovah.com (listed as public domain)(I was supposed to write a short amazing explanation for why a volcano erupted, so I created my own myth.  I might have gotten a little bit carried away. ;])  

One day, while Hades was sitting alone on his throne, Hermes flew in with a folded note with a fancy border and strange red script that Hades could not understand.

“Why have you interrupted my thoughts!?  I should have you chained to a rock!  You have thirty seconds to tell my why you have come,” Hades snapped.

“I have a message for you, sir, from the fire bird.  I could read it to you, if you wish.”  Hermes pulled out the letter.   He unfolded it and began to read when Hades snatched the parchment from his hand.

“I can read it on my own,” he said.  The letter looked like this:

Jk Hiea Uieka,

Houkh kapuaq ajhfel  akhkjhe ahyrha hgaoiyu qouer, Uklkjsh, ashoeh taomcx azkkh adhoodhs cbka ahoh amzbdz aljfah.  Zlksadjf alheol ahojloj nzbx menakcf ksjhah lamnco sjmanen aljnea.

Mqa Omamn Opakn,

Mns Jous Mojd

Hades was having a lot of trouble understanding the fire bird’s words.  He flipped the paper over looking for something he could understand. He handed the paper to Hermes in defeat.  Hermes began again with the letter.

“My Dear Friend,

It would be an honor to see you at my mountain top, Hades, for we have not spoken in months, and I grow tired.  If you accept this invitation, please proceed to The Open Mouthed Giant in three days.

Your Fiery Friend,

The Fire Bird”

Hades did not really want to go anywhere any time soon, so he sent a letter back to the fire bird saying that Persephone was very ill, and that he had to care for her.  The fire bird did not know that now, in the summer, Persephone was at home with her mother, and that the Immortals cannot get sick.  The fire bird understood that Hades could not make the trip, so he went out to fly by the beach.  While he was there, He saw Persephone and her mother, Demeter, walking on the sand talking about how they wished that Persephone could stay longer.  The fire bird realized that his friend had lied to him, and he flew home as fast as he could.  He raged and shot fire from his mouth for the rest of the night, for he was known to be a little bit overdramatic.  He accidentally shot fire through his roof, and that caused the first volcanic eruption.  Or so they say….

-Grace ❤

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