Skills and Topics – November 21 through November 23


Because of Thanksgiving, we have a short week coming up (2.5 days), so we won’t be covering a lot of new concepts.  We will, of course, be our usual busy selves.  This is what we’ll be up to:

  • Language Arts:  Grace will continue writing fictional stories that include dialogue.  (She has a new one almost ready for the blog on Monday.)  We will also continue working with determining main idea.  If all goes according to plan, Grace should finish reading Forge.
  • Science:  We will begin our review/study of plants.  Lots of fun investigation potential there. 🙂
  • Social Studies:  Grace will be learning about the early 1900s, including the events that sparked World War I.
  • Math:  We will finish up with our unit on measurement with some activities to help us remember conversion values and an assessment.

Yep, a pretty simple week for us.  We don’t have any outings planned for next week, but after Thanksgiving we’ll be  a flurry of action.

Check back later today for “The Week in Pictures” and tomorrow for “The Video of the Week.”  There may even be a bonus video. 😉


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