The Wolf Girl: Part 1


Grace is enjoying writing stories so much that she started this one for fun.  Parts 2 and 3 will be on the blog next week. 🙂  -Emily

public domain wolf image



I”m not sure where I came from. All I know is that I’m here now. Some say that I was born here, with the wolves. The moon says that I was born with people, and that my father died in the war, and my mother died of disease. I know that you’ve heard stories of children growing up in the woods, but I feel that you have never heard a story like mine.


I woke up in the night, not sure where I was. I knew that I ran away from the fire, and that I was alone. Or I thought that I was alone. It was cold and dark, but the pile of fur I was lying on was warm and soft. Then I realized that the fur was moving. It was like a pulse, a rhythm. I felt no fear, though I knew that I should have. I liked the pulsing fur, it felt safe. I also liked the red eyes watching me, they seemed soft, caring. I knew that I was home. That was when I was about four years old, eleven years ago. I live with the wolves now. They are the only family I know that I have. I love the wolves. With me being the pack alpha, they love me as well. I have made an oath, an oath that I shall not break. That oath is to protect my pack, and I plan to do so.


The Wolf Girl: Part 1

It was sunrise, and I was supposed to sound the alarm. I wanted to keep sleeping. I wanted to wrap my body up with the blanket that covered my head. My white hair and pointed ears were the only things that my family could see. I dare not move.


Sythim! Wake up lazy bones! It’s hunting day!” My sister Myla was eager to get started.


Oh, Sythim! I think I see Mark! Is he looking for you? Well I geuss he’ll just have to wait. I’ll tell him you’re busy. Oh, Mark!”


My red eyes shot open as I flung away the blanket and sat up. “Mar – OW!!” I whacked my head against the top of the cave. Myla ran away in a fit of laughter. “I swear, I’ll gut you like I did the deer last night, Myla! Oww… my throbbing head. Grrrrrr…”


Mark is my hunting buddy. He’s the one who I was lying on when I first came here and the oldest wolf in the pack. It is my honor to hunt with him.


I crawled out of my home, a small cave that I’ve carved out to resemble a human house. The only reason I know what a house looks like is because a hunting party that I was in ran into an abandoned house in a valley. I liked the way it looked and made my home look like it. It has a bed, a table, chairs, a mirror (made of ice), a store room, a back study, a kitchen, and a Red Room. That’s where I prepare the hunted food into something we can eat.


I dressed in the fur outfit I wear all the time and grabbed my weapons. I have a bow, a quiver of arrows, two small poison swords, a shield, and a hidden dagger called a shiv. I had a secret room, but that’s for another time. I ran to catch up with Myla. Today was going to be a wonderful hunting day.




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  1. Wow, Grace. I loved the beginning of your story. KEEP WRITING! I look forward to reading your next part. What you have written is absolutely wonderful.

    Have you read “Clan of the Cave Bear”? It’s the first in a series of books and you might like it. I say that because of this story you are writing. It might be a genre you want to investigate but it does have some adult scenes so check with Emily first.


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