Imagine living in the street, and when people walk by, you hide and pray that they don’t find you. A life where you had to change your name just to stay safe enough to live your life. That is the life of an escaped slave.

In the time of the Revolutionary War, slaves were just about everywhere. Forge, by Laurie Halse Anderson, was about two slaves, Curzon Smith and Isabel Gardener. This book is about their life. Curzon Smith is not what you would call a “normal” slave. He serves in the army, spies for the American troops, and he was even captured by the British. He nearly died, but Isabel rescued him. They run away, but split up due to…uh…difficulties. Curzon ends up in the army again. He encounters his old master, Bellingham, while he is still in the military. After a long episode, involving going to court, Curzon ends up serving as a slave again, but this time, he works with Isabel. A man who captured Isabel sold her to Bellingham. Curzon plans an escape, but, what if it doesn’t work? Anything can happen. Will things go wrong? Find out in Forge.

I love this book, and I think that my friends would like it too! Happy reading!


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