This Table


In honor of Thanksgiving, I’m going to stray (a bit) from the “school” bit of homeschool.  Today I’m thinking more about the “home” part….a specific piece of furniture in our home, actually.  This table.  For an early nod to Thanksgiving, we each grabbed our chalk and wrote down the things that we are grateful for….so many things, important and silly, made our lists.  We quickly ran out of room and, instead, talked about the things that we love, cherish, and appreciate.  Oddly, “this table” came up for all three of us.  And I’ve been thinking about it ever since then.

This table is not fancy or expensive.  It is a plain, humble little table.  I’ve had it for years….a “hand me down” from a friend.  A few years ago, I dragged it out on the back porch and painted it with chalk board paint so we could use it not only for meals, but also to express ourselves.  It has become an even bigger part of our lives since then.

This table has been the setting for pumpkin-carvings and egg-dying.  This is where we leave cookies for Santa and cheese for Santa Mouse.  Children have played under this table on Goose Day (a holiday entirely created by my best friend and myself) to avoid the chatter of adults.  Birthday cupcakes and ice cream are eaten here.

This table has held countless meals for my little family….some prepared by me, some by my husband, and, now that Grace is 10, some prepared by her.  And with those meals?  More family discussions than the brain can hold.  Silly, serious, heated, educational, concerned, playful….sometimes all mixed into one conversation.

This table has hosted more than its fair share of science experiments and investigations.  Want to know about the properties of salt or how to suck an egg into a bottle?  The table knows.  (And that was before we started homeschooling!)

This table has become a big part of our little school.  Diagrams, data, and ideas are recorded and photographed.  Discussing something complex during dinner?  Grab some chalk and draw a picture.

This table has been there for our favorite people.  Our dearest friends and family have been served food from this table….be it goose or pizza.  Children who visit can’t resist drawing on it with chalk.  (Every piece of “artwork” is photographed and saved.)

So, this Thanksgiving, I am bubbling over with gratitude for this table.  For me, it symbolizes who we are as a family: the people who we cherish, the food we love, the experiences we’ve shared.

We’d love to know what you’re thankful for today.  What fills you up with gratitude till you feel like you’ll just pop?

Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. I love, love, love this post! And . . . I love your table. I couldn’t help but notice that Vesters and Skyrim were on the list. I am one of those Vesters, and JV is currently playing Skyrim 🙂 Hehe. Hope you guys are having a good, lazy Thanksgiving.

  2. O.K. Now that I am all moushey and emotional, what do I do? I love “The Table” and seeing my name on it twice!! Of course I am going to print this and keep it as I am also doing Grace’s “Alvor” the Miner.” Y’all are wonderful at expressing yourself. I can tell by handwriting who wrote what and I love it. Such a unique idea! Thanks, Emily. I love y’all and hope all of you have a super, great day!!

  3. Can’t hardly wait!!!! I’ve had an excellent day, though. I have cleaned, vacuumed, played with my dogS! Yes, I have one more, a Yorkie Poo. That was very unexpected. I’ll tell you more about it later. Just got it Monday. For my lunch I had a delicious ham, honey mustard, mayo, dill pickle sandwich with garden tomato, w/basil potato chips and iced tea!! Now I am having a pepcid. Love and miss y’all. Grandmamma Judy

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