Skills and Topics – November 28 through December 2


After a nice 4 day break, I am ready to get back to school. 🙂  Here’s what we’ll be doing in the week ahead:

  • Math:  We will begin looking at geometry.  It’s angles, perimeter, and area for us for the next few days. 
  • Social Studies:  I don’t feel like we spent enough time studying the 1930s, so we’re going to start our week with some more resources on the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl.  Thursday and Friday will start our study of World War II.
  • Science:  Science is all about plants this week. 
  • Language Arts:  We will continue our focus on finding the main idea in a reading selection.  In writing, we are still concentrating on writing stories….Grace should have two stories to share with you in the upcoming week.  She wants to continue “The Wolf Girl,” and she’ll be writing a fantasy story for your reading enjoyment.  Grace will be reading Island of the Blue Dolphins (this one intrigued her while we were in the book store).  After finishing that one, she’ll be starting on I Have Lived A Thousand Years.
  • Mythology:  We will continue reading Tales of the Greek Heroes (which is quite a long book).  I hope to get this book finished in the next couple of weeks, so we can start working on our Greek and Roman Myth pockets after Christmas.
  • We only have one outing planned for this week, and it’s a “cultural” affair.  Grace has never been to tea, so we’re going to throw on some dresses and oh-so-stylish hats and head to tea on Friday.  🙂

The week after this promises to be much more exciting, if a bit hectic.  Stay tuned for those adventures.

Have a great week!


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