Wolf Girl: Part 2


The Wolf Girl

Part Two

I ran up to the top of the biggest rock in the valley (which is bigger than you would think) to sound the alarm. I howled as loud as my voice would go, and I howled three times. That tells the other wolves that it is time to hunt. I ran back to my home and started to prepare myself for the long day ahead of me.

I tied up my hair so that it only reached my ankles (I had never cut my hair in my life, so you can imagine how long it is), put on my cape and belt, grabbed my weapons, and headed out to hunt for hunters. Mark and I are in charge of protecting the hunters. I have only lost three wolves in my life, so I am the boss. All hunters listen to me.

Myla, I thought that Mark told you to go with Kara and hunt for rabbits,” I asked my little sister. She looked down and hid her tail between her legs.

Aw, why do I have to hunt for rabbits? They’re too fast for Kara so I end up doing all of the work while she picks flowers and daydreams! Why can’t I work with you?” What she really wanted was to see the human hunters. She is annoying and she’s dangerously curious.

You have to work with Kara because you two make a great team. You are fast enough and quiet enough to catch them, and Kara has sharp enough teeth to eliminate them. I plan these things out, you know.” She whined but agreed to work with Kara.

I ran to the valley and called for Mark. He came to me from behind and got a nasty club on the head. Honestly, I would have thought that he would know better by now. He still has the scar from sneaking up on me while I was holding a knife.

I warned you not to sneak up on me like that! Besides, you deserved it.”

How did I deserve it? I caught twelve rabbits last hunt, and I took your place when you were helping the elders with the young pups, so it can’t be that!” He laughed at me and I growled. He’s my friend, but I still think that he should watch what he’s doing.

Let’s just keep moving,” I growled.

The hunt was good so far, no humans, but then, when it was just me, I heard a snap. I flung myself to the ground. It was too loud to be a rabbit, but it was too soft to be a bear. Human, I thought. I knew it. I could hear its breath, its every move. It was close. I heard a thumping and realized it was my heart beating. I wondered if the human could hear it too. I counted to three and jumped up, sword drawn.

The human was close, but not close enough. I felt like having some fun. I jumped up into a tree right before the man could turn his head. “Perfect,” I thought. I knew what I was going to do. I grabbed the nearest branch and snapped it. The man whirled his head toward my tree. I grinned. I jumped up as far as I could and landed in front of the man. He stumbled back and drew his sword. He looked at me closely, and his eyes grew wide. He sheathed his sword.

I’m sorry ma’am, I thought that you were a wolf,” he said. He looked at me and smiled a wide smile. He was a foolish human who didn’t know a threat when it was standing with its sword draw.

How do you know that I am not a wolf? Is it because I am in the form of a half human? Let me tell you now that the skin can be deceiving.” I was having too much fun. I held up my sword and brushed it off with my hand.

You are no wolf, I am certain of it. Come with me. This is no place for a lady.” This man was starting to anger me. As I said, the skin can be deceiving.

-Grace ❤

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