Wolf Girl: Part 3


The Wolf Girl

Part Three

The man was foolish, talking to me like that. Didn’t he know that I could end him in a second? Really, humans are clueless. I followed the man. I wanted to see where the hunters stayed for future raids. He took me to his camp filled with the smell of roasting meat and coffee. Bards played their lutes and people sang as they worked. I hated it already.

So, you a hunter? What am I saying, of course not.” The man shook his head at himself. I was ready to blow.

What makes you think that I can’t hunt? Is it because I’m a girl?” I snapped. The man was speechless. I should have destroyed him right then, but I didn’t want to draw any more attention to myself.

Let’s just start over,” he said. “My name’s Mark. You?” Mark. A lump started to form in my throat. How was the hunt going? Do they need me? Does Mark need me? I needed to get back…but how am I going to leave?

Uh..my name is Sythim.”

What a strange name! Where do you live, Sythim? In the woods? Or do you live in the town?” Town? What town? How far away? I needed to know!

I live… uh… can I talk to you privately?”


We walked into a little house that blocked out most of the sound.

I live with the wolves, and you are going to come with me to the pack.” He tried to run, but I learned about some pressure points by studying dead bodies, so I hit his shoulder with the side of my hand, and he fell to the ground, unconscious.

I don’t really remember how I got out of the camp, but I remember a lot of pressure points, and a lot of groaning. I dragged him to the hunting valley and howled my howl. It’s loud and it’s low, and it tells the wolves where I am. A short while later, Mark and Myla ran up to me, saw the body, and told me to take it to my cave. When I said it was a “him,” they glanced at each other and shook their heads. The human, Mark, woke up soon after, and he tried to scream, but his mouth was gagged. What? A red-eyed, white-haired, wolf girl can’t sit in a cave sharpening her weapons without somebody trying to scream?

Don’t try to scream, there’s no human anywhere close to here. Lets talk, shall we?” I pulled down his gag. “Where is the town, and how far away is it?”

I-I don’t know! I live in the camp, but I think it’s about a mile away, just don’t hurt me!” He closed his eyes in fear. A mile, huh? Doesn’t take long to run a mile. I decided that I would visit the town sometime and see if I like it.

How did it get to this? Let’s make a deal. You and your friends leave this valley, and I let you live. Sounds good, right? Yeah, it does. Come back soon! Or, you know what? How about you don’t.” I took off his ropes and grabbed his weapons off the table. He tried to run off as soon as I untied the ropes, but I held him back. “Oh, and don’t forget that you should be gone by sunrise tomorrow, got it? If not, you and your friends will be slaughtered. See ya tomorrow!” He nodded and ran off fearfully. Ah, the average day of a wolf girl. The sun went down shortly after so I laid down and went to sleep. Today was kinda boring, don’t you think? 😉


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