Skills and Topics – December 5 through December 7


Wowzers….we have a crazy-busy week ahead!  We only have a three-day week because Grace is off to visit Disney with her Grandma in the second half of the week.  Before that happens, we have quite a bit of school excitement as well.  We’ll be visiting the “Mummies of the World” exhibit at an area museum, participating in World War II Christmas activities at a local historical site, and going for a short hike to document area plants.  Then we have all of that pesky, day-to-day, schoolwork stuff to contend with….and this is what that schoolwork will be focused on:

  • Math:  We will continue to play with angles, perimeter, and area.  Grace will learn to use a protractor to measure and create angles and play some awesome angle games (bet you didn’t even know there was such a thing, did ya?). 
  • Social Studies:  We will continue learning about World War II, including Japanese internment, with a documentary and the books, I Am An American and World War II.
  • Science:  We will finish up our unit on plants with a hike and a review.
  • Language Arts:  In reading, the focus this week is still identifying main ideas.  Grace will continue reading I Have Lived a Thousand Years, a very powerful, heartbreaking book.  She will also begin reading Matched while traveling (yep, she actually wants to have a book to read for school while on her trip).

I’m trying to keep things light and breezy due to the short school week and multiple field trips on the agenda.  This week is essentially a review/continuation of the last week or two. 

Keep an eye out for the “Week in Pictures.”   It should actually be up in just a few minutes.  And tomorrow brings our weekly video….Grace does a great job telling about different types of angles.

Have a great week!


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