The Mummies of the World Exhibit


Do you like learning about mummies? If you do, then read on. The Discovery Place has a new exhibit on mummies, and it’s really cool! It tells you all about the different types of mummies and about how mummies are made. It’s really dark and kind of spooky, you know, with all the dead bodies, but it’s still really cool.

Picture "borrowed" from  Thank you!

The father of the Hungarian mummy family.

My favorite ones were the bog mummies. They are the mummies that have died in a place that is wet and acidic. Most of the bog mummies have severely broken bones, because there is so much acid in the environment that the calcium in their bodies is soaked out, and the bones get weak. After they die, their skin turns black and leathery, and the bones get soft and rubbery.

Out of all of the mummies, the family of mummies was the coolest, but that’s just my opinion. They were a Hungarian family that died of tuberculosis. First the baby, then the father, and then the mother. They were put in a tomb that was dry enough and cold enough that they were mummified. If you want to see some really cool faces, then go to the Mummies of the World exhibit in Discovery Place!

-Grace ❤

If you would like to know more about the mummies and this super-awesome exhibit, check out the Discovery Place page for Mummies of the World.


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