The Life of an Elf


Grace’s writing assignment was to think of a main idea and list supporting details.  After that, she was supposed to turn her ideas into a paragraph.  In true writing nerd fashion, her response was, “Only one paragraph?!?”  Of course, I told her to write all she wanted. 😉  Thinking she would pick some mundane and factual main idea, I was pleasantly surprised to see her lovely imagination kick into gear again:

Think of an elf.  You are probably thinking of a short, little kid that works in a toy factory.  Believe it or not, elves aren’t really like that.  My name is Athelia, and I live in the elven village of Villiana.  My people are tall, graceful, and happy, but we are forced to live hard and dangerous lives.  My life is probably the easiest of my entire village, but it is still difficult.

The first thing I do in the morning is get ready for the long day ahead of me.  I get dressed, wash, comb, and braid my red hair, and feed the saber-toothed dogs.  Then I clean the entire house and fix twenty of my famous ten-cheese lasagnas (I own a restaurant).  By then, it is sunrise.  I have to light the bonfire in the town square and help my little sister Caralana carry her new toy long-haired cat to her room.  My favorite part of my morning routine would be sending out the human hunters and the messenger bird to tell my father that the shop is open.  Last, I get the restaurant ready for the customers.

For the rest of the day, I work in the shop selling little cakes and ten-cheese lasagna, while Caralana works with father around the flour mill.  At sunset the shop closes, and father comes home from the mill, carrying Caralana on his back.  We all clean the shop until bedtime.  Our life doesn’t sound so easy now, does it? =)


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