Latta Plantation: World War II Christmas


"World War II prisoner of war"

So, we didn’t do anything cool today.  Well, only if you don’t count going to a World War II Christmas at Latta Plantation. 🙂

It was kind of rainy, so it was muddy, and when a person normally thinks of war they think of men fighting on a muddy battlefield, so it was more realistic.

First, we saw Santa Claus and made a tiny wreath.  Then, we went to the plantation kitchen and saw Santa again, but this time he gave us candy canes!  After that, we went to a small cabin and visited a prisoner of war.  He wasn’t really a prisoner, but he did tell us a true story about a man who was a prisoner of war.  Then, we saw some soldiers who told us a little bit about the life of a soldier on Christmas.  Later, Emily and I sent a hand written Christmas card to a soldier who is fighting in the war now.  We had a great time, but I think that we can all agree on the best part of the trip.  It must have been the pigs.  I mean, who doesn’t like pigs?  They’re so cute, and they look at you like you are made of corn!  I love Latta Plantation!


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  1. Grace, you are so funny! Who ever heard of looking like an ear of corn? I think little pigs are the cutest, too! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow! Don’t let Emily sleep late!! Love y’all!

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