I Have Lived a Thousand Years Book Review


Imagine living in a cell, with almost nothing to eat or drink, and for there to be a constant threat of being sent to the gas chamber.  There are really people who had to do that, and they were treated worse than most people treat their pigs.  I just finished a book about the life of a girl who lived through that horrible time, and it’s not a book for someone with a weak stomach.

The book,  I Have Lived a Thousand Years, written by Livia Bitton-Jackson (born Elli L. Friedmann)  is about the author’s life growing up in the Holocaust.  She is taken from her home and put into a concentration camp with her mother, just because she’s Jewish.  If you wish to learn more about the Holocaust, read this woman’s life story.

I don’t think anyone could easily stand to read this book, but I managed to read it.  It’s a great book, but it has some horrifying parts.  I think that most of my friends (except one girl who’s stomach must be made of stone) would not physically be able to read it because of some of the events.  I could barely stand to read the things that this young girl had to live through.  Man, some people can live through everything, and still succeed in life!


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