Skills and Topics – December 19 through December 22


Shew!  Just a couple more crazy weeks, and then things should be back to “normal.” 😉  So, this week we’re having a four-day week so that Grace can go to some family Christmas festivities on Friday.  Next week, we won’t be having school.  I’m hoping we can get some extra stuff created for the blog so we don’t have to leave it all sad and empty like we did while Grace was at Disney.

So, what will we be doing with our four-day week?

  • Science:  We will begin our study of ecosystems….ecosystems, water ecosystems, and biomes, oh my!  Our study of ecosystems will continue after the Christmas break.
  • Social Studies:  We will read I Am An American to learn more about Japanese internment during World War II.  This will finish up our study of World War II.  After Christmas break, we will be looking at post-war America.
  • Language Arts:  We have new topics for both reading and writing.  In reading, we will be focusing on drawing conclusions, and, in writing, our focus will be comparing and contrasting.  Grace will also finish reading Matched (look for the book review Monday or Tuesday) and begin reading The Magician’s Nephew.
  • Math:  We are continuing our look at geometry.  We will concentrate on number of sides, number of vertices, and sum of interior angles for several polygons.  We will also take a second look at types of angles.

No field trips are planned for school are planned for this week.  (We do have a rather awesome family field trip planned though. 🙂 )  We should be back to experiencing the world hands-on just after the new year.

Have a wonderful week!


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