Zootastic Is Fantastic!


Yesterday I went to Zootastic to look at the lights. I thought it would be a few lights and some hot chocolate, and then we would go home. Well, there was a lot more than that! First we drove through the road of lights and fed the goats and the llama. We bought two cups of food and walked over toward the animals. The goats stuck their heads through to bars to get to the food, and the llama stuck his head over the bars. The goats licked the food out of your hands, while the llama used his llama-lips to grab the food out of the cup. I liked the goats better. After that, we went to a place where you can feed even more animals. Emily fed a kangaroo while I was looking at the pigs. They have some huge horses there! One was taller than daddy! My favorite thing was the fennec which is kind of like a mix between a fox and a cat. It’s tiny and really soft. I think that Emily’s favorite thing was the baby tiger, and daddy’s was the camels. Zootastic is fantastic!



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  1. The camels were the bomb-diggity. I also liked the Clydesdales. Talk about big horses! Looking at them made me thirsty for some reason…

  2. I’m so glad you, Daddy, and Emily had a fantastic time at the zoo!! Sounds like a lot of fun! Love you!!!! ;-} Grandma

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