How to Make Pasta Beads


Christmas is coming up, so Emily and I made jewelry kits for Kylie and Anna.  The cool thing is the beads are made of noodles!  We dyed them using food coloring, and here’s how you do it.

Thing you need

  •  large plastic bags
  •  rubbing alcohol
  •  food coloring
  • bead-like noodles

What to do

  1. Pour three tsp. of rubbing alcohol in your bag.  (Make sure it’s RUBBING alcohol ;))
  2. Choose your color of food coloring.
  3. Pour one tsp. of your coloring in the bag with the rubbing alcohol.
  4. Pour in some noodles.  We used a lot of noodles in one batch of beads.
  5. Shake thoroughly or until the beads are colored the way you want.  Add more color and alcohol if needed.
  6. Pour colored beads onto a plate covered with paper towels.
  7. Let them dry overnight.  Do not make if you can’t stand the smell of rubbing alcohol.

These were really fun to make, but they do stink when they are wet.  Don’t worry, they stop smelling so bad after they dry.  😉


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