Matched Book Review


Grace didn’t have school today, but she wrote a bit about Matched earlier in the week…enjoy! 🙂

On Monday I typed up the first section in my story “The Escape,” which I based on the book Matched.  Today I finished that book, and now I will review it. =)

Cassia is a normal girl:  she lives in Mapletree Borough, goes to second school, and she follows the Society’s rules.  On her 17th birthday, she goes to City Hall to find out who she will marry, her Match.  All Matches are chosen by the Society, so a happy marriage is guaranteed.  Cassia stands up ready to see her Match’s face on the screen, when she sees that her Match is here in her city.  She is matched with her best friend, Xander.  They both receive a microcard that holds information about each other, but Cassia is certain that she doesn’t need it.  She already knows so much about her Match.  When she gets home, she puts the microcard in the port (computer) and a picture of Xander appears on the screen.  Suddenly, the screen goes black, and then a new face appears on the screen, but it isn’t Xander.  It’s Ky.  Cassia has to choose, follow the rules and be with Xander, or break the rules and be with Ky.  Who will she choose?  Find out, in Matched. =D

My friends would love this book. They love dystopian society stories just as much as I do!  I think that this book is slightly better than Hunger Games, but that’s just my opinion.

My favorite character in the book would have to be Cassia.  She tries to follow the rules of the Society, and she’s been doing it all her life, but since the Matching mistake, she has just a hint of rebellion in her.  Happy reading!  =)


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