Homeschool Questions


As promised earlier in the week, I’m going to answer some frequently asked questions I get about homeschool.  If all goes according to plan, I’ll be adding to this tomorrow.  If you’re interested, you can check back.

What time do you get up?  What time do you go to bed?  Do you get to sleep as late as you want to?

We actually do have a start time for our school day, but it is quite a bit later than public school.  I usually get up around 8:00 to drink some coffee and spend quality time with my computer.  I wake Grace up at 9:00, and we start school at 10:00.  We’re pretty strict with this schedule.  The start time only varies when we’re going on a field trip that causes us to get our behinds in gear earlier than normal.  So, no, we don’t get to sleep as late as we want. 😉

Grace goes to bed at 10:00 pm every night that she’s here.  A bit late for a 10-year-old, but she seems to be a night owl by nature.  I’m usually in bed around midnight.

Of course, this is just what works for us.  I know lots of homeschoolers with very different schedules.

What time do you finish your school day?

This actually varies a lot more than our start time.  Sometimes our school day is over by 3:00 pm, and sometimes we don’t really finish until after dinner.  It really depends on our lesson plans for the day.  Some days don’t involve any science experiments or field trips, and we finish pretty early.  Sometimes we have a documentary on the agenda that John (Grace’s dad/my husband) also wants to watch, so we wait until after dinner to finish.  On an “average” day we finish our school day around 4:30 or 5:00.

Do you have school in your pajamas?

Yep.  It is one of the many joys of homeschooling.  If we don’t have a field trip or errands to run, we spend the whole day in whatever we feel like wearing.  Honestly, Grace is better about getting dressed than I am. 😉

Is your house always clean since you’re home to clean it?

No, no, no.  Honestly, I had hoped this would be the case, but, sadly the opposite is true.  There are factors that I didn’t consider when I had the daydream of the perpetually clean house.  Yes, I’m home during the day now, but I’m not spending that time cleaning….I’m teaching.  We have three people eating three meals a day at home (yep, John works from home most of the time, so we’re all here), so our kitchen is in a constant state of chaos.  When John and I both worked outside the home, home wasn’t getting messed up during the day.  Now we’re all here all day making messes.  With homeschool, some of those messes are pretty interesting. 🙂

Where do you get your materials?

Well, I’ve lucked up on this one a bit.  Since I was a public school teacher for several years before I started homeschooling, I was already familiar with tons of resources.  In fact, I still get ideas from friends I used to work with.  Aside from that, I spend quite a bit of time poking around the internet looking for needed resources.  The library is a fantastic resource.  Amazon is great for finding any textbooks we may need.  You can check out the Resources link on this page to see some of our favorites and where we found them.

Do you take off a lot of days?

Nope.  Recently we’ve taken two weeks off, but those were for holidays and travel.  We normally have school every weekday…even if we don’t feel like it. 😉


When I add to this tomorrow, I’ll focus more on record-keeping and lesson plans.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment….I’ll be glad to answer in tomorrow’s post.


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  1. All of the questions and answers were very interesting to me. I learned a lot I have wondered about. I would like to ask, “what kind of tests does Grace have to have and do you have to send these in to someone?” Also, what became of the mice experiment? Love y’all very much!! Grandmamma Judy

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 I will answer the testing question in tomorrow’s post. As for the mice, Grace lost enthusiasm after John was bitten several times. She still loves having her mice as pets, but I think she’s a bit scared to work with them. She learned a ton from writing the proposal, so I didn’t force the issue….I will, however, get her to do the whole science experiment process (including the actual experiment) in Spring. This one will be minus the animals…something in chemistry or physics instead. 😉 Love you!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this. It really seems like a dream job for a teacher. I have a couple of questions. What made you decide to homeschool? And do you plan to teach Grace through high school?

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