Skills and Topics – January 9 through January 13


Wow…our first week back to school after the holidays was a bit nuts.  We’re getting back into the “routine” pretty quickly…just in time to goof it up with tons of field trips and classes in the upcoming weeks. 😉  So, this is what we’ll be up to this week:

  • Science:  We will continue our study of ecosystems, but we are moving our focus to changes within ecosystems and the factors that cause those changes.  I’m looking forward to a small inquiry we’ll be conducting about the effects of pollution on a habitat.  Grace will also be participating in a class about electricity.  (Keep your fingers crossed that no one gets zapped.)
  • Social Studies: We will have an overview of the 1970s through current day.  Focus on:  Vietnam War, Watergate, gas crisis, Desert Storm, 9/11…most of these topics are review, so I haven’t lost my mind trying to fit them all into one week. 🙂
  • Math:  We will begin our study of data and graphs.  (Woohoo!  I love this stuff!)  We’ll be concentrating on gathering data, line graphs, and bar graphs for this week.  We’ll also be doing some review activities to make sure we don’t lose that “beginning of the year” info.
  • Language Arts:  Grace will continue reading Catching Fire.  (She’s really loving this one!)  We will also continue our units in spelling, drawing conclusions (reading), and comparative writing.
  • Mythology:  Our mythology pocket for the week centers on the story of Pandora’s Jar.  Grace will be creating a jar full of evil (sounds frightening, no?) and creating her own myth using some of the elements from Pandora’s story.
  • Art:  Grace has an art class at the museum this week…since they don’t tell us the topics in advance, the class is always an adventure. 🙂

I think that’s plenty to keep us busy for the week.

Have a wonderful week!


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