The Escape: Part 3


Grace has decided that “The Escape” will be more than three parts, but we didn’t want to keep you waiting too long for the next installment, so read on to see what happens in Part 3.  (Need to catch up?  Click these links for Part 1 and Part 2.)

As I walk away from the restaurant I hear two voices calling my name. “Livia! Wait up Liv!” I turn in the direction of the voices and see my two best friends, Mia and Norri. Mia is girly and sweet, while Norri is punked out and has a sharp temper. “Who was that guy? He wasn’t talking to you about the government, was he?” Mia asked.

Norri looked a little concerned, so I gave them both a big smile. “It’s OK, guys, he was actually really nice. Don’t worry, nothing he said was about the government. Why were you so worried? Even if it was about the government, it wouldn’t have been anything bad. You know that the government doesn’t make mistakes.” Now I was the concerned one.

Oh, it was nothing important. OK, so if it wasn’t about the government, what was it about?” Norri said, clearly trying to change the subject.

Wait a sec. Is that a card from him?” Mia asked. I explained what the guy had said to me and they both gasped.

So, you’re in a band? That’s so cool! Do you know any of your band mates yet?” Mia gushed. Then her eyes widened when she saw the camera crew that had been interviewing people earlier had moved nearby.

I mean, do you know any of the people who will be working with you?” she said in a clearly forced, but calm voice.

Norri, who couldn’t care less about the cameras, gasped, “Please tell me you’re playing some good music, right? You’re not going to play any of that new, trance music that makes you think the government is, like, a metaphorical god or something.”

I promise to talk about it some more later, but I was supposed to get a letter today, and I don’t want to mess up the government’s schedule. Bye!” I managed to give Mia an air kiss and Norri a hug while the cameras were focused on a rich person who had come to hear me play.

When I check the mail, there’s a note from Dad. I go to my room and put the note into the opener. You see, we’re not allowed to hold anything sharp, because we could cut ourselves. This would be really bad since we all have to take pills to keep blood clots from forming, just in case they form in a place they shouldn’t.

Please enter your, please, please enter yourrrr……… system malfunction found. Please open package manually.” The machine buzzes and pops out a small knife. I take it and rip open the envelope. Inside is a well-written note from my dad. He fights in the war, so getting replies from him is rarely allowed. His pet bird, Jewel, flies over and lands on my shoulder to read it.

Dear Livia,

You are aware that I don’t get to send letters very often, but I was so homesick that they let me send one. Also, I’m so happy you were wondering about me. It turns out that this war is nearly over, and since I just had my birthday last week, I will be sent home tomorrow. Sadly, I will arrive two weeks after that, so I will have to miss your big performance next week.



I love my dad, but sometimes I wonder if he should have gone to fight in that war in the first place. I told him the performance was today, but he confused the dates. Wait a minute, if the war is nearly over, then why did The Lobster Basket’s owner say that there was a problem with the government? Mia and Norri seemed to know something too. Something’s not right here, and I’m determined to find out what.


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  1. Your stories fascinate me! Where does all the imagination come from? I never have had a drop! You can come up with all kinds of things and go on and on! I can hardly believe this is a ten year old writing all of this. You are using words that I don’t know. Keep up the good work. I am intrigued. I love you very much! Grandmamma Judy

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