Comparative Essay: Jonathan Coulton and Weird Al


Grace is learning about comparative writing in language arts.  Here’s her first work sample in the area. 🙂


Weird Al and Jonathan Coulton are two of my favorite artists, and I realized that they have a lot in common.  I also realized that, in some ways, they are very different.  For example, Weird Al writes funny parody songs, while Jonathan Coulton just writes particularly funny songs.  I learned about Weird Al before I learned about Jonathan Coulton, so that would be a personal difference.   Jonathan Coulton mainly writes his own songs, and, once in a while, will write a parody. Weird Al mostly writes parody songs, but sometimes he will write a song that is not a parody.    Also, Weird Al has been popular for a longer amount of time than Jonathan Coulton.

Weird Al and Jonathan Coulton are also very similar.  They both write songs about things that most artists wouldn’t really think about, like tattoos (Another Tattoo by Weird Al), or a mad scientist (Skullcrusher Mountain by Jonathan Coulton).  I first learned about them both from my stepmom and my dad, so I guess that’s a way that they are alike as well. They also both write songs about “pointless” things, but I think that just means they are both great!


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