My New Life in the Camp


Grace has recently learned about Japanese internment during World War II.  Her writing assignment today was to imagine that she had moved to an internment camp, and write a comparative piece about her previous life and camp life.  This is what the little creative genius came up with…

Kimiko’s Diary

No Big Sisters Allowed (Toshiko, that means YOU!)

Dear Diary,

Yesterday Papa, Mama, Mika, Toshiko and I went to the “special place” Papa had been talking about, and guess what?  It was a place just for Japanese people.   I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but I sure know that it’s different!  For one thing, we have to live in a tiny, cramped, and dirty place (Toshiko thinks that it used to be a horse stall); nothing like the airy, clean, and warm apartment we used to live in.  Also, we have absolutely no privacy here, so writing is getting harder and harder to do.  But the worst part is the food.  For example, last night I asked Papa if we could have meatloaf with mashed potatoes and peas, which is our favorite dish since Mama used to work at a diner, and he said that we can’t choose our own food!  Well, at least we get food. Still, it’s nothing compared to Mama’s homemade chicken pot pie and sweet tea. =-(

A really sad girl named Kimiko



Dear Diary,

Okay, so maybe this place isn’t so bad.  Earlier today, I was walking around outside of the meal room when a man bumped into me.  He pressed a small pouch into my palm and closed my fingers around it.  He said, “Don’t ask what it is, who it’s from, or where it came from.  But more importantly, don’t let the guards see it.”

Turns out it was a note and a necklace, but I don’t know who it’s from.  I think Aunt Hana, but I don’t know for sure.  That’s not all that happened today.  We had a party!   Uncle Hiroshi was there, and my three cousins Akira, Akiko, and Kaoru.  I also made a lot of friends, just like at my old school.  One of the best things that hasn’t changed is the fact that my family is still with me.  =-)

(Okay, I know that was kind of a cheesy ending to the entry. =-P)


–      but really Grace<3

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