Animal Traits: A Conversation through Letters


One of Grace’s science assignments today was to write a letter to a friend about a pet she wished to have.  The letter needed to include a bit of info about traits that are inherited and traits that are not inherited.  Grace chose to do a conversation with her letters.


Dear Kimiko,

I know you want a pet snake that has red and green stripes, so I thought I would send you a letter telling you what kind of pet I would like to have.  I really want a wolf with black fur, blue eyes, and a sweet personality.  I don’t want it to have a cropped tail.  I guess I need to find one whose parents had black fur, blue eyes, and sweet personalities.   I know you don’t have quite as awesome a teacher as I do, so I’ll explain.  If the ‘rents have black fur, blue eyes, and tame behavior, it’s pretty likely that their offspring will too.  The cropped tail doesn’t come genetically, as you know.   As for the rest, it’s a little thing called “genes.”

Your BFF ‘Till the End,




Dear Akira,

You forgot a very important part!  The offspring sometimes mutate, so they could look, and act, a lot different.  Also, the genes aren’t going to affect the personality as much as the rest of your wolf, it’s all in training and environment.  I suggest going to that wacky place you call “the web” and look up “tame, blue-eyed, black-furred wolf cub.”

Your Awesome Friend,




Dear Kimiko,

Thanks so much for the extra info; I wouldn’t have found Kilala without it!  That’s right!  I bought a wolf cub! She’s super sweet and is just the way I wanted her to be.  Wanna see her?  Come over at five.

Your BFTTEOT(best friend ‘till the end of time)




You’re welcome!

P.S.   The ‘rents said I could come over! (For once.)




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