Skills and Topics – January 16 through January 20


As usual, we have tons planned for the week ahead….here’s what we’ll be up to:

  • Math – We will continue our study of gathering and displaying data (line graphs and stem and leaf plots).  We will also keep moving forward with review activities…Grace is doing a wonderful job with solving multi-step word problems (and some of them are real brain-strainers!).
  • Language Arts – Grace will keep working on comparative writing this week.  She will also be diving into the world of inference as a reading skill.  She will finish up Catching Fire and begin reading War Horse.  Of course, there will be spelling and grammar fun. 🙂
  • Social Studies – We will be starting a new unit on North America.  The focus this week will be on North America on the map…relative location, absolute location, hemispheres, etc.
  • Science – We will be finishing up our life science unit and moving into physical science.  After an assessment on changes in ecosystems, we’ll begin studying the properties of matter.
  • Mythology – Our next Mythology Pocket is for the story of Perseus and the Gorgons.  (Fun!)
  • Field Tips and Things – We will be visiting a local museum to view exhibits about civil rights and Martin Luther King, Jr.  We will also be taking a trip to one of our favorite science centers for a class on marine mammals and a show at the planetarium.

We hope you have a fabulous week!


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