Skills and Topics – January 23 through January 27


I know it’s going to come as a shock, but Grace and I have tons of educational fun planned for next week. 😉  Here’s what we’ll be up to:

  • Math:  We will continue our fascinating study of graphs and data collection with a look at histograms and circle graphs.  We’ll also continue with review activities and problem solving.
  • Social Studies:  We finished our little unit on the location of North America (relative, absolute, hemispheres, etc.) and will be moving on to political divisions of North America (countries, borders, populations,…).
  • Language Arts:  Grace will be working on the planning and rough draft her final essay in the comparative writing unit.  We’ll also continue our inference in reading unit, spelling activities, and sentence structure lessons.  Grace will finish reading War Horse early in the week and begin reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry in the second half of the week.
  • Science:  This week’s science lessons are all about matter and their properties…. buoyancy and density fun. 🙂
  • Mythology:  The myth of the week for our mythology pockets is Arachne and the Weaving Contest…we’ll be doing some of our weaving as one of the activities. 🙂
  • Field Trips:  We’ll be catching another show at a local planetarium (different show than last week…this one is about molecules).  We also have another trip planned that may change depending on the weather….we’ll either be going to a local Raptor Center (if the weather’s nice) or to the civil rights exhibit that we had to miss last week.

That should keep us pretty busy. 😀

Have a great week!



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