The Escape: Part 4


The long-awaited fourth installment of “The Escape” is here! 🙂  (Scroll to the bottom for links to Parts 1 though 3.)

The building was old with a big sign on the front that read “Willy’s Records.” The paper I had noted that this was the right place. I took a deep breath and gripped my guitar as I knocked on the big wooden door. A boy about my age opened it and asked me why I was there.

The man who owns this place wanted to speak with me about joining a band.”

Oh, yeah. You must be Livia. Come on in.” The floor squeaked as I walked across the room. The boy, who told me his name was Archer, showed me around. Archer and I were talking about our favorite movie when there was a loud knocking on the door. We opened it to see two people who told us they were also members.

Hi, I’m Cora, and this is Verna. We were told to come here and play in a band.”

The two girls looked so much alike that I almost couldn’t tell who was talking. They both had straight black hair and brown eyes. The taller one, Cora, only came up to my shoulders. They both squeezed in between us, wanting to see what was inside. Verna dropped a little black box as she walked past, so I picked it up, thinking to return it later.

After a while, we decided that Willy wasn’t coming today, so we sat around for a while and talked. I saw Archer drawing in a notebook , and I couldn’t help peeking. He had drawn a falcon frozen in mid-air. After a while I noticed that on every page, the falcon wings were in a different position. When he finished, he flipped all of the pages, making it look like the bird was flying.

That’s really cool,” I whispered. He smiled and nodded shyly.

Verna’s phone rang, and she mumbled that it was from her dad. She was talking about the war, so I had to listen.

Yes, I know that. Of course I want to serve the government. I will do my best to terminate the suspects. Goodbye.”

I backed away and looked at the ceiling, expecting to see small cameras all around the room. I wanted to see the small round ones with the blue, blinking light on the top. Instead, these were big with a red light that never flashed. That could only mean one thing. We were being watched because we had shown some sort of rebel activity. In a short while, the police would come and “terminate the rebellious activity.” In other words, come and kill us. I figured now would be a good time to open that box, and when I did, I knew what it was instantly. It was a dart. A poisonous dart. As in, if anyone was to be hit by it, they would die. Maybe the police were already here….

Bah, bah…BAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!


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