How to Weave on a Simple Loom


Since one of the activities in my mythology pockets is to weave on a loom, I’ve started weaving.  It’s a really fun way to keep your brain busy.  The best part is that weaving is just as fun as playing video games!  Okay, so maybe not that fun, but it’s still cool.  If you want to learn about weaving in two simple steps, read the blog below.

How to Start Weaving

Things You Need

  • Loom
  • Needle
  • Comb
  • Thread and Yarn


What to do

  1. Take your loom and make a knot in the bottom left hole.  After that, tightly thread your white thread across a hook on the top.  Then, thread it through the hook directly below. Repeat this process until your base is as wide as you wish. Tie a knot in the top right corner when finished.
  2. Take your colored thread and thread it through the needle.  Then, weave through the white thread, starting in the middle, and using an over-under pattern.  When you reach the end of the row, use the comb to press the thread down.  Start where you left off, making sure you don’t pull the thread too tightly or too loosely.  Use an opposite under-over pattern and repeat.

Well, that’s all I know so far, but I’ll learn and post more as I go along.  Happy weaving!



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  1. Sometime if Grace would like to see how industrial weaving works, let me know and we can take a trip to my parents textile’s factory.

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