Elven Ways and Dwarven Personalities


Grace’s newest assignment in comparative writing was to compare dwarves and elves.  Actually, the assignment was to compare two animals, but we thought that was a bit boring, so we revised it just a tad. 😉  Here’s what she came up with…


In Dungeons and Dragons, you can play many races.  My two favorites are elven and dwarven.

Elves live in the woods and travel for a living.  They are welcome in human lands, but their homes in the woods are always more loved.  Elves prefer things with the beauty and simplicity of nature and are known to be good poets, singers/songwriters, and mages.

Dwarves are known to be good fighters and hard workers. They are aware of the little things in life.  They don’t like jokes or strangers, but can be wonderful friends.  Dwarves live in cities carved into the sides of mountains and value gold, gems, and metals.  But because of this, they sometimes turn to greed.

While elves and dwarves are very different, they are alike in some ways.  They both stand around four and a half feet tall and are slow at making friends.  They both speak many languages and get along well with humans.

All in all, elves and dwarves are short, comfy, and great Dungeon and Dragon races. =D




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