Skills and Topics – February 6 through February 10


We’re tackling February with an ambition that I hope will hold up throughout the month…more field trips and activities than you can shake a stick at. 😉  So, this is the part we’ll be doing this week:

  • Social Studies:  We will continue our look at the land features of North America.  This week will have a focus on deserts, rain forests, and bodies of water.
  • Math:  We will be reviewing graphing concepts and measures of central tendency.
  • Language Arts:  Grace will finish reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.  We will be completing several activities to go with the novel…a look at bias, pricing during the Great Depression, an overview of civil rights, and more.  We will also begin working with descriptive writing.  Of course, we will continue with grammar and spelling.
  • Science:  This week will be about chemical properties, changes, and reactions.  Fun! 🙂
  • Mythology:  We will start our activities for “Persephone and the Seasons.”  This myth will be continued next week.
  • Field Trips:  Grace will be learning how to geocache (exciting!) with the Homeschool Adventure Club.  We’ll also be taking in the Imax movie, Space Junk, and participating in art class at the art museum.

That should be plenty to keep us running around like crazy people.  Have a wonderful week!


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