The Escape: Part 5


The Escape continues!  If you’d like to read the first four parts, just follow the links…Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

My heart thumped as I ran for the door.  “I’d rather give up the band than die!” I thought.  Archer asked me where I was going and why I was running, but I was too focused on surviving.  I burst through the doors and toward home when I noticed Verna and Cora running behind me.  Verna pulled out two boxes and chose the one that read:

Stun Dart

Do not use on mice, rats rabbits, etc.

She aimed at me and blew through the hole. A very little needle flew out and pricked me in the shoulder. I just had time to pull it out before the world started to slow, fuzz, and, finally, stop.

* * *

“What! This is all you got! I wanted the entire family, not just the girl!”

“We did what we had to do.  Her father is still traveling and her mother is at the school teaching.  We couldn’t just barge in there and blow our cover!”

I tried to pull my arms up when I felt straps holding me to the hard table.  I groaned.

“Where am I?  Why am I strapped to a table?  And WHERE IS MY GUITAR!!!”  A fuzzy image of a man appeared in front of me.

“Well, well, our little rebel has awoken.  Don’t worry, your guitar is as safe as you are.  You see, you are at the center of the capital city, where only the richest and …”

“Most powerful souls are allowed.  Yes, I learned that in logic school, just like every other person did,” I said, rolling my eyes.

The man’s face hardened as he heard me.

“You are going to work in the mines with the other rebels until we find the rest of your family.  I’m sure you’ll find someone you like, living around other rebels.  Take her away!”

Verna and Cora pulled me off the table. I was really numb, so they had to drag me to the train.  After about three hours we reached the mines.  I was thrown to the ground as the train sped along behind me.  Two young girls pulled me into a dark, smelly room.  They laid me on a bed and talked about me.  After a while my vision returned and I was strong enough to sit up.  I got up and looked around the room.  Ten or more girls stared at me.  I knew that the people were treated poorly in the mines, but I never thought it was this bad.  They all wore their hair in braids and had sacks for dresses.  They had more dirt on their faces than on the floor.  Two girls ran up to me and called my name in astonishment.  I knew who they were the minute I spotted them.

“Norri!  Mia! What are you doing here?”


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