How to Geocache


Today Emily and I went to the Latta Plantation Nature Center to learn how to geocache (gee-oh-cash).  It’s a lot like letterboxing, only you use a GPS.  If you want to learn how to geocache, read the rest of my blog below.

  1. Get a pen and a few little things like bracelets, rings, small toys, jacks, etc.
  2. Go to, make an account, and find your first coordinates.
  3. Get a GPS that can be used while walking.
  4.  Follow the coordinates until you reach a place close to where the geocache is.
  5. Look at your surroundings.  Using the description, try to find the box.  (If you need help, look at the hint on your paper or phone.)
  6. Once you find the box, write your geocache username and the date.  If you like, you can trade out one of the things in the box for one thing you brought.  (Example: parachute man for a rubber bracelet).
  7. Have fun geocaching!


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