The Escape: Part 6


Grace decided to write Part 6 of her story today instead of next week.  Never fear!  There will be another installment next week, too. 🙂  We also decided to create a page for the stories Grace has written that include more than one part.  We hope this will make it easier for readers to catch up to the current point without having to click a gazillion links.  You can read all of The Escape (so far!) at this link.


I know that I usually type The Escape once a week, but I just couldn’t wait!  😀

“Norri, Mia, what are you doing here?  You two aren’t rebels!” I cried.

Norri hugged me while Mia was still in a daze.

“We thought the head mistress would kill you!”  Norri said.

Mia slowly walked toward me.  “I must be dreaming, but I don’t recall going to bed.  Norri, can you wake me up?” she said.

Norri smile faintly.  “No Mia, it’s really her,” she said.  I looked around the room, astonished at what I was seeing.  In school, the teachers always said that the miners are rebels that have gone to work off their “debt to society.”  They said that they live in a clean, healthy environment and work for fair wages, but those are straight up lies.

“You see, we knew that the man called Willy was really working for the government, so when we heard you talking to him, we got worried.  Then you went to that band, so, just to be safe, we followed you.  We saw Verna shoot you and we attacked her.  She managed to shoot both of us with one of the death darts, but there wasn’t enough poison injected to kill us.  So, they threw us in here.”  Mia said, realizing that I was really there.

“Wait, how did you two know that Willy was working for the government?” I asked, confused.

They both exchanged glances, like they used to when they didn’t want to tell me something.

“Well, here’s the thing.  We sort of, you know, used to work for the government.” Norri said.

We talked about what had happened one more time, and then, I was introduced to the rest of the miners.  Mia told me the boys were in the mines across camp, so we never heard from them.  The girls were really nice to me, and they said that they all loved the fact that I was here.   After some time, I got to work.

* * *

“Okay, so we have the maps.  Merrill, you get the water supply.  Cassie and Mara, you two get the food.  The rest of you, distract the guards.” I said.  I had lived in the mines for a few years now, so the plan was permanently etched in my mind.  We had the supplies, so all we had to do was go through with the plan.  We were going to escape.


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  1. Hi, thanks for the next installment or chapter!! Very interesting. Correct mistake in spelling if possible. Instead of “dept”, it is “debt.” I love you so much. My balloon is so pretty as well as my flowers. Tell John and Emily “hello” for me and I send my love. I hope John is back home safely. Grandma Judy

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