Skills and Topics – February 13 through February 17


The craziness continues!  We have so much fun stuff planned for the rest of February…here’s the part we’ll be doing in the week ahead:

  • Math:  Grace will be learning about variables and expressions this week.  (I love algebra, so I’m super-excited…we’ll see how Grace feels about it after the week is over. 😉 )  We will also continue with review activities.
  • Science:  We’ll be discussing how chemicals are used in our lives.  We’ll also continue reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma.
  • Social Studies:  We will finish up our unit on the physical features of North America and begin a unit on the natural resources found on our continent.
  • Language Arts:  Grace will begin reading Eragon.  (I think she’s going to love this one!)  We have finished our unit on inference as a reading skill, so we’ll be looking at some review activities for various skills we’ve worked on throughout the year.  Grammar and spelling?  Always. 🙂
  • Mythology:  We will continue to work on activities for “Persephone and the Seasons.”  One of activities is a puppet show….sounds pretty promising for a video.
  • Field Trips:  Here’s where things get a little crazy.  Grace has both museum science classes this week.  She’ll be learning about simple machines in one class and microscope skills in the other.  We also have an outdoor cooking class to attend.  Grace will be helping to make hot chocolate, stew, and cornbread by a campfire.  She’ll also be helping to make no-bake cookies.  (The coolest part?  They’re making cornbread in a cardboard box!)  We’ll also be attending a “Victorian Valentine’s” event to learn more about Valentine’s Day customs from our history.
  • I’m sure we’ll also be fitting in lots of geocaching.  It turns out that geocaching is a fabulous way to get some physical activity in our day. 🙂


Never a dull moment and all of that good stuff.  I’ll be posting “The Week in Pictures” tomorrow, so be sure to check back.

Have a wonderful week!


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