The Escape: Part 7


Part 7 of “The Escape” is here for you to enjoy….along with info about a nerve-crinkling experience Grace had today.  Need to get caught up on the story?  You can read the whole thing by clicking this link.


Everyone except the three of us ran off in every which way.  Mia, Norri, and I glanced back at the little hut we used to live in.

“Are you sure we should leave the boys here?” Mia asked.  Norri nodded.

“They’re big boys, they can handle themselves,” she whispered.

We crawled over to where we hid the darts and tip-toed to where some of the girls were distracting the guards.

“But please, she’s dying!  We think its gangrene, but we’re not sure.  All you have to do is get the rest of the guard and go to her room,” Operetta said.  Her unnaturally red hair was falling out of her braid, and she looked as if she had seen a ghost.  Frankie, Cleo, Stevie, and Kittly looked almost as frightened. As soon as the guards walked away we hurried over to them.

“Where did you learn to act like that?” Norri asked.

Operetta shrugged.  “I have four brothers who I love to get in trouble, and my mother is a good lie detector.  I have to know this stuff,” she said. “Let’s go.”

I used three darts on some guards and snuck past some guard dogs, but there was no way I was jumping over that pool of acid.  I tried to work my way around it when I noticed a small opening between the pool and a big gray building, and I ran toward it.

Just as I approached, I noticed three big dogs running out of the alley right in front of me.  I didn’t think about stopping.  I just ran in the opposite direction.  The dogs barked and ran after me.  My feet thumped on the ground almost as hard as my heart in my chest.  I could hear them getting closer and closer.*   I heard a wasp fly by my ear and the biggest dog went down. Another wasp and another dog. I finally realized what the “wasps” really were. They were darts.  I stopped and saw Merrill run towards me.

“Are you alright?” she said in a shaky voice.  I nodded and walked quickly ahead of her.  I was still traumatized.

* * *

We were running for our lives.  Bullets and lasers flew by.  We had mud and dirt in our eyes, but we knew where we were going.  We ducked under bars and jumped over barrels, but we made it.  We were home free.


* This was based on when I was chased by dogs.  (People, please put your dogs on leashes.)



Grace did indeed get chased by dogs today.  Three big, barking, menacing dogs.  Grace wasn’t hurt at all, but it was very scary for both of us.  She had run ahead of me (just for the fun of running), so I was too far away to do much but panic.  The owner of the dogs had very little control of his animals and didn’t have any of them on a leash.  Needless to say, we were more than a bit upset.


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  1. Grace, I’m relieved you are unharmed. What doesn’t kill you makes good story content!

    I’m having fun imagining the words Emily might have had for that dog owner. 😉

  2. Grace, I am so glad you were not bitten by those dogs!! It makes me shiver to think about it. I hope the dog owner learned a lesson!! Andrew Felts, my nephew, posted on his FB that he was bitten by a dog today. Must have been bad because he had to go to the Dr. and has to take medication. I’m so thankful you and Emily are O.K. and Andrew says he is O.K.. You cannot imagine how much I am enjoying my flower and balloon!! They are so pretty!! That was such a sweet thing for you to do for me. Thank you so much. I love you, Grace!! Grandma Judy

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