Series of Unfortunate Events Summary


Today I finished reading the the tenth book in the series, A Series of Unfortunate Events, written by Lemony Snicket. The name of the book is The Slippery Slope.


The series is about three children; Violet who’s fourteen, Klaus, twelve, and Sunny who is only an infant. One day, while at the beach, the children learn about the fire that destroyed their home and killed their parents. Not only did they die, but the Baudelaire’s parents also left an enormous fortune, which Violet could take possession of as soon as she turned sixteen. But, at age fourteen, she still had two years to go. The children are sent to their closest relative, Count Olaf, to live until they get their fortune. They soon learn that their terrible uncle only wants their fortune, and has a horrible plan to get it. Even after they leave his care, Olaf is always chasing after them, whether he’s disguised as a gym teacher or a receptionist. But, with Violet’s inventing skills, Klaus’s reading skills, and Sunny’s biting skills, they might just survive.



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