Skills and Topics – February 20 through February 25


We have another cram-packed-full-o’-fun week planned….so much so that we can’t even fit it into 5 days. 😉  Here’s what we’ll be up to:

  • Math:  We will continue working with algebraic concepts.  Grace is doing very well with variables and expressions, so we’ll move on to tackling the distributive property.  We’ll also have a nice review of the order of operations.
  • Social Studies:  We are currently studying the natural resources of North America.  We will continue our study with a look at some important crops and wildlife.
  • Science:  More chemical reaction fun!  We will be looking at the effect of temperature on chemical reactions (experiment time!), creating molecules (from clay), and working through a chapter assessment.
  • Language Arts:  We are still reading Eragon, and Grace is loving it.  We will continue to tinker with descriptive writing, reading skills review, grammar, and spelling.
  • Mythology:  Grace is getting more involved in her puppet show than I had predicted.  She will spend next week working on backgrounds, props, and script revision. 😉
  • Field Trips:  We will be attending a Bloggers’ Open House at Discovery Place where we’ll have the chance to meet some of the staff and see the Mummies of the World exhibit again (for free…woohoo!).  We’ll also be going to Old Salem where Grace will be taking classes on pottery, quill-writing, book-making, and paste paper.  As if that weren’t enough, we’ll also be taking in a class at the local nature center (using microscopes to investigate things found in nature) and an Underground Railroad event.  Of course, we’ll squeak some geocaching in between our other activities.

Shew!  I think we’ll be ready for a contented, well-educated nap after the week is over. 😀  Have a wonderful week!

I’ll be introducing a new “friend” in a post tomorrow, so be sure to stop back by. 😉


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