Meet Dan


This is Dan. 🙂


We found Dan sitting on a table at a park.  He was all alone, and he seemed a bit scared. 😉  We kept him company throughout our science and social studies lessons, and no one came to claim him, so we decided to give him a nice home.  Grace is quite enchanted with him for some reason, so we’ve taken to bringing him with us on trips.  Needless to say, you’ll see him pop up in lots of pictures.

Dan likes coffee!


Dan found his way into a bird's nest at Carolina Raptor Center.


Having his volume measured.


Dan loves a good color. 🙂


Enjoying a bit of geocaching.


Checking over Grace's work. 😉

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  1. Dan looks sweet! Dragon Man and Black Hack are visitors to our kitchen. But if you want to check them out, don’t look till tomorrow. Vinny posts on Mondays (sometimes not till Tuesdays…). He posts about food for families, but not *only* about eating it 🙂

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