Ambushed: Part 1


Now that Grace has finished “The Escape,” she’s started a new story for us.  Enjoy Part 1 of “Ambushed.”  More to come soon. πŸ™‚


Mama and Papa were both screaming. They were carrying me to the bomb shelter three miles away. I buried my head in Mama’s shoulder.


β€œNari, when we get there, I want you to hide right away. Don’t wait for anyone. Okay?” Mama asked. I nodded. Tears were streaming down our faces. A man ran up to us and yelled. I couldn’t understand what he said, but Mama did. She ran toward the school with Papa close behind. Mama put me down in one of the classrooms and told me they would be back. I never saw them again.


* * *


I pried my tired eyes open and peeled my forehead off of the desk. I got off the desktop and scuffed the floor as I shuffled over to the janitor’s closet where my dog, Carver, slept. I kicked open the door and clapped my hands.


β€œCome on lazy bones, if I have to get up, so do you,” I sang. He whined, but raised his head and yawned. I smiled.


We walked down the hall and toward the big double-doors. I pointed out the window and into the meadow. A squirrel was running into a nearby tree.


β€œBreakfast,” I said. I opened the doors and let Carver run out into the meadow. He tried to climb the tree to catch the squirrel, but had to settle for a rabbit, which wasn’t nearly as tasty.


After breakfast we threw a stick around in the meadow and drew pictures on the black-board (Carver wasn’t very good at that part.).


I was washing the floor with some soapy water when I heard something outside. I tip-toed outside and hid behind the bushes. When I looked over them, I gasped.



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