More Alka-Seltzer Fun


Yesterday we played with Alka-Seltzers by watching them dissolve, but today we had some real fun.  We gathered a pitcher of water, a film canister, and Alka-Seltzers.  People, don’t try this at home…do it outside.  =-)

First, place the film canister open side up on a flat surface, and in a spot where you can retrieve it if it flies off the table.  Next, open the package of Alka-Seltzers and place one next to the canister.  Then, pour a little bit of water in the canister (Remember, the smaller amount of water, the better.).    After that, (be quick) drop the Alka-Seltzer in the canister, place the lid securely on the top, flip the canister over, and run.   Finally, turn toward the table and watch. (You may have to wait some time before getting results…ten to twenty seconds is best.)  What happened?  Why did it do that?  Post your results as a comment!  Happy Learning!




We’ll post a video later in the week of some of the fun we had with this. 😀


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