The Phrie’cra



Grace's illustration of the Phrie'cra. 🙂

Grace is working on descriptive writing in language arts.  Today’s assignment was to write a descriptive piece about an unusual animal, so she chose to write about a fictional, bird-like creature that she enjoys drawing.  Enjoy! 😀


Nobody really knows where they came from, or where they went. All we know is what the creatures look like and what they were called. We know them as the “Phrie’cra,” or “bird people.” They had long hair that turned white at the age of 400 years. Phrie’cra liked to keep their hair shiny and wore it in long braids or ponytails. Their eyes were large and often red or violet. Their noses were hard and pointed, good for hunting and flying. Their ears were small and very pointy. Phrie’cra had small fangs that just poked out of their mouths. The most graceful part of them was their wings. At several times longer than their bodies, they were big and powerful. They were covered in soft feathers and folded at the creatures’ backs.

Phrie’cra wore smooth furs and hides. They sometimes wore blue and black fabric and preferred softer material. Phrie’cra liked to sharpen their talons, so their claws were very sharp, on both feet and hands. The bird people hunted at night and slept during the day. Phrie’cra used to be allies with the humans, but Phrie’cra quickly deserted us when they found out about us hunting birds for feathers. Phrie’cra left when people started making tools, which the creatures knew would lead to more sophisticated ways of living. Phrie’cra were right. When Phrie’cra left, they warned us that we would end the Earth and all its beauty by polluting it. Unfortunately, we didn’t listen. I guess we should have thought about their psychic abilities.


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  1. Your story is very interesting though I can’t pronounce the bird’s name. I like your drawing. Very interesting! I liked all the pictures posted earlier, Very pretty. Love y’all. Grandma Judy

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