Skills and Topics – February 27 through March 2


This week won’t be quite as chaotic as last week, but we still have tons on our plate. 🙂  Here’s what we’ll be up to:

  • Math:  Grace will continue her algebraic pursuits!  She will continue practicing with the order of operations and problem solving.  She’ll also begin solving one-step equations.
  • Language Arts:  We’ll still be working on descriptive writing (with a focus on sensory details) and review of reading comprehension skills.  We’re still reading Eragon (and loving it).
  • Social Studies:  We finished up our unit on resources found in North America, so we’ll be moving on to the cultures found in North America….religions, tourist attractions, art, and more. 🙂
  • Science:  We will start a unit on forces and motion this week…lots of fun experiments in our future. 🙂  Grace is going to start doing her science independently (something she wants to try), so we’ll see how that goes.  I will, of course, still be checking over her work and discussing new concepts with her….never fear, I’m not slacking off. 😉  We’ll also continue reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma.
  • Mythology:  We *still* haven’t finished the Persephone and the Seasons puppet show.  We didn’t have much time to work on it last week because of all of our field trips, but we’re hoping to get that all wrapped up this week.
  • Field Trips:  We don’t have any official field trips this week, but we will be going for a couple of hikes to see what we can see. 🙂


Have a wonderful week!


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