Skills and Topics – March 5 through March 9


We actually did not disappear from the universe this past week. 🙂  Between Grace being sick (bronchitis), John having a huge project at work that caused him to have crazy hours, and general life craziness, we just weren’t very blog-focused.  We did manage to get some school activities completed (not nearly as many as planned), and there will be photographic evidence of that posted later today. 😉

So, this is what we’ll be up to in the week ahead:

  • Language Arts:  Grace will continue reading Eragon.  She is really enjoying the novel, but it is a long one, so we’ll probably be working with it for a couple more weeks.  She will also continue practicing descriptive writing.  We are in the review stages of reading comprehension skills.  (I think we’ll be heading into 6th grade material soon.)  As always, grammar, spelling, and writing skills are on the agenda.
  • Math:  Grace did a fabulous job with variables and expressions, so we’re boldly leaping into equation-solving and inequalities.  (Super-fun!)  Much to my delight, Grace is really liking algebra. 😀
  • Science:  The week in science is all about forces and Newton’s laws of motion.  (More fun!)  We will also continue reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma.
  • Social Studies:  We will be finishing up with the materials that we are using for our study of North America, so we will be starting some new activities.  We will begin reading The Smart Aleck’s Guide to American History as an entertaining review.  Grace will also begin focusing on current events.
  • Mythology:  I hesitate to even type this at this point, but the plan is to finish that bloomin’ puppet show. 😉
  • Field Trips:  Grace is going to learn to be a “wildlife detective” in a Nature Center class (looking at tracks and clues of various wildlife within an ecosystem).  We will also be learning about clouds in a Nature Center class for the whole family.

Have a wonderful week!


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