Ambushed: Part 2


I dove back under the bush, ignoring the sting of the sharp leaves. I couldn’t understand why Carver hadn’t come to me yet. I peeked over the bush again, just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Five metal monsters sat in front of the school and growled. Two people stepped out of each monster and walked into the school. They were talking about how long it would take to “spruce the place up.” I jumped over the bush and into one of the monsters. It was surprisingly cool in the creature, despite the humid summer air. Strange sounds came from the mouth.


I stepped out of the monster just in time to see a woman to walk out of the school with a rope around Carver’s neck. I stood as tall as I could and tried to keep my voice from trembling.


Step away from the dog, and no one gets hurt,” I said in a surprisingly strong voice. The woman stood there for a moment, I guess trying to decide if I was dangerous or not. She decided I wasn’t and held firm to the rope. I gave her a little half smile.


Suit yourself,” I said. “Carver, convince her to let you go.”


My dog bared his teeth and jumped on the woman, pinning her to the ground. He growled and barked in her face. The woman let go of the rope and, as soon as Carver let her, ran into the school. I scratched Carver’s head and untied his rope. I held it in my hand like a whip, preparing to drive some invaders out of my home.


Come on, Carver, we’ve been ambushed.”


We ran into the school, ready to beat some sense into anybody who tried to get in our way. I knocked out two of the men, but I didn’t get anyone out of the building. I ran into my classroom and glanced around. I flung a chair up under the door and threw down my rope. I hid in the corner to catch my breath and go over my plan, but I had to be quick. Just as I was about to leave, I heard a noise behind me. I turned my head just in time to see the book hit me. I felt myself fall to the floor. I looked around, unable to move. I grew very tired, and allowed myself to drift into unconsciousness.



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