Newton’s First Law of Motion


I asked Grace to write a summary/brief explanation of Newton’s First Law, and she decided to turn it into this awesome story. Such a creative genius, she is. 😀

“Isaac Newton

Crazy Explanation for Everything

Crazy mathematician Isaac Newton tries to explain why everything happens.  He locks himself in his room and works on experiments instead of going to church.  If he is found, please alert town crier as soon as possible.

Here are some comments on Isaac himself….

“He had a wild look in his eyes,” says a by passer of Newton.

“I asked him how his day was going, and he just stared at me like an alien.”

All citizens are warned to stay away from Isaac’s house located in…”

Janice’s eyes left the crumpled page of the newspaper and wandered toward the big house on the side of the road.

That could be his house, she thought. For all I know, he could be staring back at me through the window.  Janice shuddered at the thought and kept walking down the dusty road.  Her family was well respected in her town, and they had more money than they could handle.  Janice liked to spend hours in the town, slowly reading books and newspapers as children ran past and adults hauled livestock back to the farm.  Today she noticed a lot more people reading the local news than normal.

“Jenny, did you read the news?” asked Alex.  He was Janice’s closest friend in the town, and he had always read a new book before Janice could even convince her parents to buy it.

“Yes.  I can’t believe they think that Isaac Newton is crazy!  I’ve heard some of his ideas, and they’re wonderful!  I wonder if he reads a lot of books on what he believes….”  Janice exclaimed.  Alex grinned.

“Better yet, he writes some of his own books,” he said, waiting for Janice to run into the book store.  Janice’s eyes grew wide.  She pushed her newspaper into Alex’s hands and ran towards the book store.

“Hold this,” she said.  She lifted her silk skirt slightly over her ankles and ran into her favorite store, The Readers’ Corner.  She pushed open the door and was glad to hear the familiar ring of the bell.  She walked over to the section on science and started looking around.  Just as she reached the top shelf, Anders, the store’s manager, walked into the room.

“I wouldn’t take that outside,” he said.  His voice was hoarse with age.  “If people see you reading Newton’s work, they’ll get the guards.”

Janice smiled at the old man and put the book on the counter.

“Why do people think he’s crazy?” she asked.  Anders shook his head.

“I don’t know.”  He smiled and grabbed a stack of books off the shelf.

“He says that if an object is at rest, meaning it’s sitting still, it will stay at rest until an outside force, called a force, moves it.  He also says that if an object is in motion, it will stay in motion until a force stops it.  He calls it inertia.” Anders said with a sigh.  “People just don’t understand his work.”

I don’t really understand it, and I took four classes in science,” Janice said jokingly.  Anders smiled and set a wooden ball on the table.

“According to Newton’s law, this ball will not roll until an outside force moves it,” he said.  Janice frowned.

“But if you put the ball on a diagonal surface,” she said, setting the ball on a slanted book case, “it will roll.”

They watched the ball roll off the table.

“Ah, but you don’t know what caused the ball to roll off, do you?” Anders asked.  Janice shook her head in defeat.  Anders put the ball back in its case and sat down at his desk.

“Gravity was what pulled the ball back down, and, according to what Newton says, gravity is indeed an outside force.”  Janice smiled.

“I knew he wasn’t crazy,” she said.  Janice hugged Anders and ran out of the store.

* * *

As she thought, Janice paid close attention to the sound of her white boots on the dirt road.  She thought about what she was going to say to her parents about staying out past dinner.  As Janice walked past the big house on the side of the road, she smiled.  She had Isaac Newton to blame, for he was the one who wrote the book she had read all that time.  She knew that Isaac was going to be very famous one day.  She just knew it.


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