Swim Meet


Grace is continuing to work on descriptive writing and using sensory details.  Her assignment today was to write about a sports event from two different perspectives.  I think she did a wonderful job! 🙂


I scanned the crowd for my sister as I stepped up beside the giant pool.  I saw Martha and waved.  The coach blew into his silver metal whistle, creating a shrill sound as we all jumped into the unbroken surface of water.  I closed my eyes just moments before I slipped into the smooth liquid.  I kicked the starting point to gain speed, but cut my foot on the sharp edge, slowing myself down.  I swam to the other side of the pool and kicked the wall to regain my lost speed.  I struggled back to my starting place and pulled myself out of the water, gasping.

* * *

My heart thumped as the scent of chlorine filled my nostrils.  I sat on the hard bench and scanned the group of swimmers for my sister, Cathy.  They all stood half-crouched, ready to dive into the water at any time.  The coach blew into his whistle, and all of the swimmers dove through the glassy surface.  I watched as Cathy glided through the broken face of the water.  She kicked the side of the pool and darted for her starting point.  She pulled herself out of the water minutes before anyone else did.  I rose from my seat and cheered for my sister, the winner of this month’s swim meet.

-Grace ❤

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