Skills and Topics – March 12 through March 16


Another week’s worth of learning fun ahead…

  • Language Arts:  Grace will most likely finish reading Eragon this week.  If so, she’ll be posting her review of the book later in the week.  Also in reading, we’ll be reviewing some reading skills.  We’ll be focusing on vocabulary and determining meaning from context.  In continued work with descriptive writing, Grace will be writing about a natural.  (It’s always so fun to see what she chooses to write about!)  She’ll also be responding to some sample descriptive pieces.  As always, spelling and grammar, spelling and grammar, spelling and grammar. 😉
  • Math:  After an assessment on equation solving, we’ll start our look at equations and graphing.  Grace will be learning about integers, ordered pairs, and finding distances between points on number lines and coordinate planes.  (I so love this part of math!)
  • Science:  We had a slight scheduling hiccup last week, so Grace will start the week with more of Newton’s Laws.  She will also be learning about simple machines and performing a small investigation into motion.
  • Social Studies:  Grace will continue her history review by reading The Smart Aleck’s Guide to American History.  You should hear her giggle when she’s reading that book! 🙂  She will also continue reading about and summarizing current events of her choice.
  • Mythology:  Here’s a shocker…we’re still not finished with our puppet show.  Who knew this would be such a lengthy assignment?  Grace is finished with the script for the show, but she still has backgrounds and props that she wants to create.  (She may be making a bigger production than the assignment actually called for, but she’s having a good time with it and doing a great job.)
  • Field Trips:  We don’t have a ton in the way of field trips this week.  Grace will be going on a hike with other homeschoolers.  She also has a science class at an area museum…she’ll be learning about air pressure, kites, and hot air balloons.  We scampered around on a giant rock last week during a hike, and Grace is determined to go back there and have school on the rock, so we’ll make that happen too. 🙂

And that’s what will be keeping us busy this week.  I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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