Ambushed: Part 3


I awoke to find myself held back to a chair by sharp ropes. I groaned and squinted at the bright light that shone in my face. Soft footsteps came from behind me. I rolled my eyes, even though I knew no one could see it.


You might as well come out. Just makes it easier to hunt you down after you leave,” I said, getting really annoyed. The same woman who had taken Carver stepped in front of me and leaned uncomfortably close to my face. Her long messy hair and unnaturally white teeth made me think of the evil stepmother in Cinderella.


You know, you could’ve just asked me to leave,” I said, smirking. The woman snarled.


You wouldn’t have listened to reasoning,” she said. I raised my eyebrows, finally realizing she thought I was serious.


I never said I would.”


Just tell me why you’re living in an abandoned school. Now.” The woman had her light brown hair tied into a messy bun behind her head, and the skin around her beady eyes had no sign of smile lines.


I feel like being mysterious today, so I’ll just say I was lost,” I said, studying the metal ceiling.


By the way, where are we? No room in the school has a metal ceiling, or feels this cool.”


The woman was staring at the wall, biting the side of her finger. I used to see my mother do that when she was thinking of a good punishment for me.


I am going to have someone escort you out of the school and into the city. There, you will be sent back to your parents, Nari Maxwell.” I stiffened.


How did you find my name?” I asked. The woman did nothing but snap her fingers. Two men came out and stood behind my chair.


Boys, take Nari to the city. I’ll meet you in the office.” The men untied my ropes and pulled me out of the room. I struggled and pulled until I realized something. If I let them take my to the city, I could finally see where everybody else lived. I gladly walked with the men until we got to the metal monsters. I sat in the back and stared out the glass window. I was finally going to see my parents.



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