Rebecca’s Experience


Grace’s assignment was to write about a natural event and use sensory details…here’s what she came up with:




I finished writing a letter to my father, folded the piece of parchment, and set it on the desk.  I opened the drawer and pulled out a piece of wax, which I placed over the letter and pressed the stamp against.  A loud knock came from the door as I slipped the note into my satchel.  My mother opened the door and poked her head inside.

“It would be best if you went ahead and fed Mae.  She gets skittish if you leave without telling her,” she said with a smile.  Mother was referring to the fact that my horse, Mae, gets scared if I don’t give her a treat before I leave the farm.  I nodded and put my bonnet on top of my head, tying it in the back.

* * *

The bucket of oats felt heavy in my hand as I walked to the barn.  Mae, my chestnut mare, was standing impatiently in her stable.  I pulled a strawberry out of my apron pocket and held it under Mae’s mouth.  She ate it gratefully.

“Looks like a storm is coming,” I said, looking over my shoulder at the gray clouds overhead.  “It may help the potatoes grow.”  I sat on the stable door and rubbed Mae’s neck.  She stared at me with big brown eyes, as if to ask me not to leave.  “Oh, all right, I’ll stay,” I said, smiling.  I sat on top of her and laid my head on her neck.  I grew sleepy and let myself rest for a short while.

* * *

The howling wind ripped through my hair as I awoke with a start.  I jumped off Mae and slammed the barn door shut.  “Okay, maybe we shouldn’t have put a window in the stables,” I said.  I hid behind Mae as the storm progressed toward the farm.  The rain smelled sweet as it pounded on the roof.  The sound of a rain storm is nothing like the pitter-patter of a light spring drizzle.  The clouds looked black and the lightning was blinding.  I’d never seen anything like it.  It only lasted for a few minutes, but it felt like hours.  I rubbed Mae and ran to the house.  Mama was waiting for me at the door with open arms.

“Oh Becky, I’m so glad you’re all right!  Don’t ever do that again, do you hear me?”  Mother said.  I nodded and ran into the house.  What a wonderful experience!

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