Science Class


Science class was really fun today, but that’s probably because I got to ride on a hovercraft, make a balloon float in mid-air, and make my own hover…thing. 😉


First, we all asked the teacher what the big hockey puck looking thing was, and we did not expect to hear her say, “A hover craft.” We talked a little bit about air force and, to show what she was talking about, the teacher gave us a series of tests to do.


The first test was to blow a foam peanut into a bottle without touching it. We thought it would be easy, so we all just started blowing on peanuts. Well, that didn’t work out very well. The peanuts just flew out of the bottle and into our faces. The teacher said it was because of pressure. She said that when you blow on the foam peanut, your breath produces low air pressure. The high air pressure inside of the bottle pushes against the peanut, pushing it into our faces.


We did a lot of other similar tests, like filling up a bag with air and lifting the table with suction cups. It was finally time to ride the hovercraft. We went into the hall and rode around until the battery died. It was kind of boring, but fun nevertheless.


To explain how it worked, we all split into pairs and made our own hovercrafts. We were given a flat plastic disk with a hole in it and a balloon. We blew up our balloons and stuck them to the plastic disk. The air rushing out lifted the disk off the table, like a air hockey puck.


Before we left, the teacher gave us something to do while we waited ’till it was time to leave. She gave us some balloons and a bag, which she attached to each other for us. We were supposed to fill the bag with just enough weight to make the balloon float in mid-air. We filled the bag with a feather, some little plastic things, and a noodle. That was just enough to make balloon float, but not move. It was really cool.


Happy learning!




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