Eragon Book Review ***some spoilers***


Most people think you have to be at least thirty years old to write a decent book, but those people are far from right. The proof is in Eragon, a great book written by Christopher Paolini. The best part is that he wrote the book when he was 15, and got his book published when he was 17.

Eragon lives with his uncle Garrow and his cousin Roran on a small farm just outside of Carvahall. He is hunting in the Spine when he finds a peculiar stone just sitting on the ground. He takes it home, not expecting the consequences that were to come.

One night, while Eragon is sleeping, the stone starts to shake. Soon, the stone breaks, and Eragon realizes it isn’t a stone, but an egg. Even more strange, a dragon egg.

After a short while of raising the dragon, Eragon finds that she has chosen him as her rider, a legendary warrior capable of using magic. His life is simply destroyed as he is thrown into the world of spells, dragons, and the legendary elves. With only the help of an old storyteller, Eragon must protect his land from the dreaded Empire, but is he strong enough? With the help of Saphira, his dragon, he might just save his entire world.

I think this book was great, and almost everybody I know would love it too. The way the book is written is just captivating. The best part was all the languages. The author actually had a translation of every word said in the ancient language! I really enjoyed reading it, and it was the perfect length: long.

My favorite character was Saphira (suh-FEAR-ruh), mainly because she was so wise. She’s seen less in the world than Eragon, yet she knew so much more.

Happy reading!


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